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TICAA is the first not-for-profit organization solely dedicated to the promotion of Islamic calligraphy in North America. Part of TICAA’s work is to educate the American public about the cultural, religious and artistic significance of the art of Islamic calligraphy employing the Arabic



TICAA is fully devoted to enhancing the public's understanding of this art through public lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and publications produced by experts in the field. TICAA will strive to provide a suitable platform to showcase quality artworks produced by calligraphers in North America and the world.


TICAA aims to distinguish itself by seeking input from top experts in the art, and thus it will provide programing that includes critical discourses that address calligraphy criticism.


TICAA will be a base for calligraphic undertakings in the United States. It is recognized that there are other organizations that promote Islamic arts in general. TICAA values their work and hopes to collaborate with them for the purpose of promoting high-grade Islamic calligraphy artworks and programs.


TICAA will furnish quality scholarly and artistic programing targeting various aspects of the art of Islamic calligraphy. It will be advised by renowned master calligraphers and scholars specializing in Islamic calligraphy and Islamic art more generally, from around the world.

The Islamic Calligraphy Association of America strives to become a dedicated mediating body

for all aspects of the art of Islamic calligraphy in North America.


With the inception of TICAA we aim to build out further information and events over the coming months.

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